10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Do Planks Every Day

Plank is one of the best exercises which has a lot of health benefits. Though plank looks quite easy to perform but it is not. This is a popular exercise which should be included in everyone’s workout routine. Many fitness freaks love to do planks as it can boost the level of your fitness. Some of the great health benefits of plank are:

#10. Your Core Strength Will Improve

Core Strength Will Improve - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

One of the most important benefits of performing planks every day is strengthening the core i.e. bones, joints and muscles. In everyday life, we use our core to perform several tasks like turn, lift, bend, reach etc. So, core is the most important part of the body.

When you are holding in the plank position it needs you to engage and squeeze all the important core muscles like rectus and transverse abdominus, the glutes and your external oblique muscle. Your everyday tasks get easier when your core strength improves. You will also feel stronger and improve your athletic ability.

#9. You Will Get Attractive 6-Pack Abs

Get Attractive 6-Pack Abs - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

Planking is a great exercise for building deep inner core muscles which does the groundwork for your 6-pack abs. When your abdominal muscles start to get stronger, the mid-section will also tighten.

Forget about crunches and start doing planks every day to tone or flatten your stomach. Not only that, it will also help you to get attractive 6-pack abs. according to a study, it has found that plank can provide complete activation of the 6-pack muscles.

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#8. You Will Strengthen Your Back

Strengthen Your Back - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

There are some exercises like crunches and sit-ups which can injure or weaken your back.

But plank helps to strengthen your back especially the upper back muscles get a lot stronger.

You can perform planks while maintaining your spinal cord. Performing planks doesn’t put any strain on the spine which is caused due to extending and flexing your spinal column.

When you are doing plank, it requires minimal movement of your spinal cord. It also helps to reduce the low-back pain.

#7. You Will Enjoy Increased Metabolism & Fat Burn

Increased Metabolism & Fat Burn - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

It is true that there are many health benefits of plank and performing it may not burn as much fats as you may while performing cardiovascular exercises. But plank is a more efficient way to burn your fats.

It is also a strength training which helps to increase your metabolic rate even when you have stopped exercising. This is something different from that of the cardiovascular exercises and activities.

You can burn about 50 calories for each pound of muscle you gain in one day. So, this is a great way to fat burn and also gain muscles.

#6. You Will Increase Flexibility & Lower the Risk of Injury

Increase Flexibility & Lower the Risk of Injury - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

Staying flexible and fit throughout your life is very essential. It prevents the chances of injuries and thus functional exercises should be included in your workout plan. Performing planks will help to increase your flexibility. It also helps to maintain the natural elasticity of your tendons, muscles and ligaments.

This exercise is very useful for those who have a job where they have to sit at the desk throughout the day. With the help of plank you can increase the flexibility which will help you in expanding and stretching the muscles.

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#5. You Will Enjoy Better Joint & Bone Health

Better Joint & Bone Health - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

Exercise not only helps to keep your muscles toned and heart healthy, but it is also important to keep your bones and joints strong.

The weight bearing exercises like planks are great for the bone health.

Plank helps to put stress on the bones attached to the muscles. Thus, it helps to stimulate them to rebuild.

Thus, you must do plank every day in order strengthen your bones as well as your joints.

#4. Your Posture and Balance Will Improve

Posture and Balance Will Improve - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

Doing planks can help you to improve your balance as well as posture. Thus, it is very important for you to do it every day. With this, you can sit and stand up straight with ease. Since plank can strengthen the core muscle group in your body, it helps to improve the posture.

This also helps to improve the balance of the body along with your posture. Planks like side planks and plank extensions are highly beneficial for increasing and building balance of your body.

Some planks that are performed on the stability ball are also highly beneficial for the overall balance of your body.

#3. Everyday Tasks Become Easier

Everyday Tasks Become Easier - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

Plank is categorized as a functional exercise as it is highly functional and beneficial for your health. One of health benefits of plank is that it helps to perform tasks easier. If you include planks in your everyday workout routine, then you will be able to perform the daily tasks and chores in a easier way.

The plank is an exercise which doesn’t focus on any single muscle but a complete group of muscle all at once. This is how your body is designed to function and thus you gain much more strength and stability. It also helps to improve the joint and bone health along with the mobility.

#2. You Will Have Less Stress and Be Happier

Less Stress and Be Happier - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

Exercises help to lift your mood and spirit, especially planks. The desk workers who sit at their desks for hours to do their job will be highly benefited with planks. It will help to reduce their stress and lift their mood.

The planks can help you to stretch and relax your muscles of the back, shoulders and neck.

In case of stress and tension, these muscles become stiff. Once you are able to release or lessen the stress, you will be able to be happier.

#1. You Will Get Hooked

You Will Get Hooked - Benefits of Doing Plank Every Day

You will not be able to stop doing planks once you start doing it. You can challenge yourself daily to increase the duration of your plank.

You will never get bored of doing this exercise. It is highly beneficial and you can use different equipment like stability balls, resistance bands and dumbbells to do planks.

So, these are the health benefits of plank that you will get. You should include this exercise in your daily fitness and workout regime. You must know how to do different types of planks correctly and then perform it every day whether in gym or at your home.