Best 10 Exercises to Tone Your Butt

Are you dreaming of getting a beautiful butt like Brazilian women? There is absolutely no secret behind it. You just have to remember that the butt is actually a muscle, so like all the other muscles it can be worked on and be strengthened. There are some key butt exercises that will help you tone and lift the butt fast. However, you will have to maintain a clean diet. The following butt workout will help you in toning your butt into an attractive shape.

#10. Lunges

Lunges - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

In order to do the basic lunge exercise, you should begin with the feet together & take one step forward, and lead with the heel. Flex your hip of the front leg and lower the body until the back of the lower leg comes parallel to ground. You should hold up your chest and do not let the front knee move past the toes.

Since the gluteus maximus (the muscle in your butt) is very large, you will have to add some weight to the workout or exercise in order to increase the muscle growth. You can use on the barbell to hold behind the neck. You can also try to hold in your hands.

#9. Single Leg Deadlifts

Single Leg Deadlifts - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

The exercise is more effective with some extra weight, so for best results use a kettlebell. You should stand tall and hold the kettlebell with the right hand and with your feet apart, hip-width. You will have to put the weight of your body on the left leg and maintain a little bend in your knee, bringing the right leg of yours behind you. You will have to exhale and try to pull the abs towards the spine.

Tip the torso forward and at the same time, try lifting up the right leg with the lowering of the torso, until it is parallel to ground. Then, lower the right leg and bring it to its original position, but do not let your right toes make contact to the floor.

#8. Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight Squats - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

Position the feet a little wider than the shoulder-width apart & turn the toes out. Allow the arms to be in a hanging state of the torso.

Tuck the tailbone, bend the knees, and brace the abdominals, working the thighs to move parallel to ground.

Simultaneously, raise the arms in a way that they are parallel to ground in order to act as one counterweight. Hold that position for some time and come back to normal position.

#7. Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

You will have to get on your all fours, keeping the hands shoulder-width distance & knees below the hips. This is the starting position.

Keeping the knee bent, abs tight, and foot flexed, try lifting straight the right leg, behind you, until the thigh is positioned parallel to ground.

Bring the leg down and back to the starting position. You should repeat fifteen to twenty times for one leg.

#6. Glute Bridges

Glute Bridges - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

Lie flat on the back with the knees bent & the arms in a low “V” by the hips. The feet should be kept at hip-distance apart and with the heels just a few inches from the butt. Lift up the hips while you squeeze the glutes, then tries creating a diagonal line straight from the shoulders to the knees. This is the starting position.

Keeping one ninety-degree bend in the left knee, try lifting the left foot until the knee is above the left hip. You must keep the left foot fully flexed & push the right foot directly into ground in order to stay balanced.

You should ensure that you do not drop down the hips while lifting the leg. You should now return the left foot to ground & then repeat the process with the right leg. That is one rep; you must do three sets of fifteen reps.

#5. Bulgarian Split Squats

Bulgarian Split Squats - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

The Bulgarian Split Squats is one great and effective exercise that improves the balance & knee stability. It also targets the muscles of the posterior chain, the glutes, and the hamstrings. To make this exercise more effective, place a box or a step behind you & stand up.

You should position the right foot on the step’s top, then bend the knees & lower your hips until the left thigh is positioned parallel to ground. Now, repeat to your starting position by switching legs & repeat the process.

#4. Jump Lunge

Jump Lunge - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

Apart from a toned butt, jumping lunges will also help you gain muscles-mass, especially in the glutes. It also helps in toning legs as well. In order to do the jump lunge, you will first have to take one big step backward & lower the hips to a position where the back knee is positioned just above ground and the front thigh will be positioned parallel to ground.

Jump & switch the position of the legs. Jump again & return to your starting position. You will have to repeat the process until you complete the complete set. While doing the jump lunge you must keep the core tight and the shoulders down.

#3. One Side Leg Crossovers

One Side Leg Crossovers - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

Lie down on a side of your body and bend the bottom leg with your head placed on the ear. Keep the top leg facing forward and extended while lifting and lowering the leg with your control. Do not allow it to come down fully & rest on the lower leg.

You should do sixteen reps & try to pulse it few inches above the ground, then try doing another sixteen reps. This workout is very effective and works on all the muscles in your butt to give your butt a perfect toned shape.

#2. Lateral Lunges

Lateral Lunges - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

Stand with the feet kept hip-width apart, then pull the abs in & keep your spine neutral. Raise the arms and position them in-front of the chest or you can keep your arms at the sides. Take a step back with your left foot & bend both the knees with the left heel kept lifted while you are lowering down the hips.

You should try driving through the front foot & use the right-hip to stand back, placing the left foot right next to the right foot while keeping the torso tall. You should return to your starting position using the front leg and try not to push off the back leg.

#1. Pistol Squats

One Leg Pistol Squats - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

Stand in an upright position with feet kept shoulder-width apart. You will have to place the left foot’s heel on ground, toes up.

Raise the left leg, while pushing the hips backward & bend into one squat on that other standing leg. You can try extending the arms in front to maintain the balance.

Try to lower the hips as low as possible but try to keep the leg lifted. That is one rep. You should try two or three reps.