Best 10 Exercises to Tone Your Butt

Are you dreaming of getting a beautiful butt like Brazilian women? There is absolutely no secret behind it. You just have to remember that the butt is actually a muscle, so like all the other muscles it can be worked on and be strengthened. There are some key butt exercises that will help you tone and lift the butt fast. However, you will have to maintain a clean diet. The following butt workout will help you in toning your butt into an attractive shape.

#10. Lunges

Lunges - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

In order to do the basic lunge exercise, you should begin with the feet together & take one step forward, and lead with the heel. Flex your hip of the front leg and lower the body until the back of the lower leg comes parallel to ground. You should hold up your chest and do not let the front knee move past the toes.

Since the gluteus maximus (the muscle in your butt) is very large, you will have to add some weight to the workout or exercise in order to increase the muscle growth. You can use on the barbell to hold behind the neck. You can also try to hold in your hands.