Best 10 Exercises to Tone Your Butt

#9. Single Leg Deadlifts

Single Leg Deadlifts - Exercises and Workout to Tone Your Butt

The exercise is more effective with some extra weight, so for best results use a kettlebell. You should stand tall and hold the kettlebell with the right hand and with your feet apart, hip-width. You will have to put the weight of your body on the left leg and maintain a little bend in your knee, bringing the right leg of yours behind you. You will have to exhale and try to pull the abs towards the spine.

Tip the torso forward and at the same time, try lifting up the right leg with the lowering of the torso, until it is parallel to ground. Then, lower the right leg and bring it to its original position, but do not let your right toes make contact to the floor.