Healthy Habits to Fight the Long-term Battle against COVID-19

We can actually carry microbes or viruses on our clothes, hands, phones and items we bring home after going away, so we need to do these things when we get home:

Healthy Habits to Fight the Long-term Battle against COVID-19: air disinfection

The first is air disinfection, because air disinfection is more professional, so the disinfectants used generally include hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid, chlorine dioxide and so on. However, there are certain safety hazards in the disinfection process, which requires the average household to open the doors and windows at least 2-3 times a day in the disinfection process, not less than 30 minutes each time.

Next is the disinfection of items, because the new coronavirus can be inactivated in 30 minutes under 56 ℃ environment, so you can use hot water to soak disinfection. Here it is recommended to boil the water for 10 minutes or use a chlorinated disinfectant to disinfect.

Items purchased from outside, including deliveries, are high-risk places for the virus to reside. Therefore, it is important to remember to disinfect these items when you get them, and you can spray them with 75 percent medical alcohol.

In addition to droplet transmission, the new coronavirus can also be transmitted through fecal-oral transmission, so there are a few details that we need to pay attention to in the home as well.

Healthy Habits to Fight the Long-term Battle against COVID-19: Close the lid before flushing the toilet

First of all, the bathroom and toilet must be disinfected. Flush the toilet with a good cover. The most common and easily accessible items, such as mobile phones, computers, glasses, all kinds of jewellery, etc., should be disinfected regularly. Secondly, floors and furniture must be disinfected, especially in homes with children, to prevent children from touching the floor or items and then licking their fingers.

Finally, it is the disinfection of hands and skin, which is a little easier. Use flowing water to wash hands with hand sanitizer or soap on the line, if you have been to hospitals, shopping malls, train stations and other high-risk places, you can use alcohol, iodine and other disinfectants to scrub.

Although chlorinated disinfectants have a strong ability to kill viruses, they are extremely irritating and corrosive. It must be diluted before it can be used, and the process is often tedious and complicated.