The 20 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet (Avoid Them!!!)

Throughout your life you focus on many things to be healthy. You must have tried many things like dieting, gym, jogging, walking and much more just for the sake of being healthy. But many times despite of your several efforts you end up being fat, bulky and getting sick. Ever wondered why?

Most of the time, you don’t even get an idea about why you are getting fat or sick irrespective of your hard work. Well, this could be because of the fact that despite your numerous hard working gym sessions you are continuing eating all those unhealthy food that is not letting you get in the desired shape. Also, this unhealthiness is the main cause of many diseases that you might be facing.

To be very specific and precise, consuming unhealthy food is the main cause of many diseases and those extra kilos that you hate from the depth of your heart. Now, let us quickly find what it is meant by “unhealthy food” and what are the major unhealthiest foods that you may be consuming frequently?

Unhealthy Food:

Any food item that is less in the nutrient value and has ingredients that can cause fat and make you sick is categorized as unhealthy food. These foods generally contain the high level of sugar and calories that are harmful to us. Junk food is one such example of an unhealthy food which includes pizza, burger, fries, etc.

It is always advisable to avoid eating these foods to reduce the health risk. But, how can you be sure about which food item is unhealthy and how much impact it has on our health? How will you decide which is the most unhealthy food for us?

We have made this very simple for you. Here, we have made a list of 20 food items that are considered to be the unhealthiest of all.

#20. Popcorn

Popcorn - Unhealthiest Foods

If you are a movie lover and over that, you love eating popcorns with it, let us warn you with the bad and unhealthy effects that you may suffer. While you are busy watching and enjoying your money along with those microwaved popcorns, you forget to see what these microwaved popcorns are doing to your body. These popcorns have harmful trans-fat that also puts your heart at risk.

This trans-fat is very harmful in ruining your efforts of making your body get back in shape. What is more dangerous is that added butter on it. The added butter on these popcorn acts more like an additional harmful add-on for damaging your body’s strength rather than adding flavor to it.