The 20 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet (Avoid Them!!!)

Throughout your life you focus on many things to be healthy. You must have tried many things like dieting, gym, jogging, walking and much more just for the sake of being healthy. But many times despite of your several efforts you end up being fat, bulky and getting sick. Ever wondered why?

Most of the time, you don’t even get an idea about why you are getting fat or sick irrespective of your hard work. Well, this could be because of the fact that despite your numerous hard working gym sessions you are continuing eating all those unhealthy food that is not letting you get in the desired shape. Also, this unhealthiness is the main cause of many diseases that you might be facing.

To be very specific and precise, consuming unhealthy food is the main cause of many diseases and those extra kilos that you hate from the depth of your heart. Now, let us quickly find what it is meant by “unhealthy food” and what are the major unhealthiest foods that you may be consuming frequently?

Unhealthy Food:

Any food item that is less in the nutrient value and has ingredients that can cause fat and make you sick is categorized as unhealthy food. These foods generally contain the high level of sugar and calories that are harmful to us. Junk food is one such example of an unhealthy food which includes pizza, burger, fries, etc.

It is always advisable to avoid eating these foods to reduce the health risk. But, how can you be sure about which food item is unhealthy and how much impact it has on our health? How will you decide which is the most unhealthy food for us?

We have made this very simple for you. Here, we have made a list of 20 food items that are considered to be the unhealthiest of all.

#20. Popcorn

Popcorn - Unhealthiest Foods

If you are a movie lover and over that, you love eating popcorns with it, let us warn you with the bad and unhealthy effects that you may suffer. While you are busy watching and enjoying your money along with those microwaved popcorns, you forget to see what these microwaved popcorns are doing to your body. These popcorns have harmful trans-fat that also puts your heart at risk.

This trans-fat is very harmful in ruining your efforts of making your body get back in shape. What is more dangerous is that added butter on it. The added butter on these popcorn acts more like an additional harmful add-on for damaging your body’s strength rather than adding flavor to it.

#19. Coke

Coke - Unhealthiest Foods

The sugary drinks such as coke etc. are the most harmful type of diet that we can have. Anything that has added sugar in them is the worst things that you can consume. Added sugar is the most dangerous and harmful thing that we can consume. These drinks have a lot of calories that are extremely dangerous for your health.

These high calories sugary drinks can cause insulin resistance in the body can cause many non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. Especially, parents should make sure that their kids are not consuming coke or similar stuffs frequently as these fizzy drinks are quite harmful for their kids’ overall health.

#18. Processed Meat

Processed Meat - Unhealthiest Foods

Often meat is considered to be a good source to build your body and help you get stronger in order to be strong. This is true for unprocessed meat but when we are talking about the processed meat.

This processed meat has a high level of nitrates that combines with the body’s natural sugar building process which thereby increases the risk of diabetes. These meats are also coming with sodium that increases hypertension making you more prone to heart diseases. They can also cause you some serious heart diseases, colon cancer, etc.

#17. Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks - Unhealthiest Foods

Just like the sugary drinks, sports drinks are very inefficient in maintaining your healthy side. These drinks are high in calories that will be liked by the users because of its taste but actually, it will be harming you from inside.

Also because this is not an eatable item usually people don’t include these drinks as an unhealthy item to be consumed.

Also, these drinks contain artificial dyes which make the case even worst.

#16. Oreos

Oreos - Unhealthiest Foods

How many of you are in love with the amazing taste of Oreos? Everyone just loves this super tasty biscuit that has been made.

These Oreos are made up of palm oils, processed sugar, and processed chocolate.

These Oreos are very rich in cocaine and morphine which are very much into making the user addicted to them.

#15. Canned Soup

Canned Soup - Unhealthiest Foods

This might will come to you as a surprise because all our life you must have considering and maintenance of these.

The canned soup has monosodium glutamate which although makes these sweet to our taste buds but will be spoiling and causing a lot of damage to your body.

Now, the next time you think of consuming the soup then make sure you prepare 1-2 homemade and not moving or consuming any canned soups.

#14. Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs - Unhealthiest Foods

Hot dogs a complete no when you get any thought of eating one. There are many reasons that stand valid when it has been considered that you should not consume this.

Hot dogs are high in cancer-causing with a high level of sodium.

This is also because as the soup contains artificial dyes.

But mind you these are a big no when planning to balance your diet.

#13. White Bread

White Bread - Unhealthiest Foods

Unlike the brown bread, white bread is the more damaging and harmful consumption for the people.

These bread lack a number of proteins and fibers in it which are needed to balance the right amount of energy needed.

Brown bread is much better than the white bread as it does not have any nitrates that danger the users to use it.

#12. Protein Bars

Protein Bars - Unhealthiest Foods

The name calls itself as “protein bars” but when we see and purchase these bars, we find that they have the high level of sugar.

In order of making these protein bars tastier, the manufacturer adds artificial sugar and sweeteners to it which further decreasing its benefit and make them high on the list of unhealthy foods.

#11. French Fries

French Fries - Unhealthiest Foods

No visit to McDonald’s is complete without having a pack of French fries.

Isn’t it? But, today we will get your attention on what harm it can make to your body.

These fries are fried which adds many times the fatty acid and calories in them which when you intake these fries gets along with it and causes damage to the health and heart.