10 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Having a Heart Attack

#9. Monitor Blood Pressure

Monitor Blood Pressure - Ways to Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

Hypertension or high blood pressure, is generally referred to as a “silent killer” since it hardly shows any symptoms in majority of the cases. Your blood vessels’ inner lining gets completely destroyed due to high blood pressure. Higher blood pressure leads to greater risk of you having an MI.

This risk starts increasing when you have a 115/70 mmHg pressure, and for an increase of every 5 mmHg in the diastole and 10 mmHg in the systole, the risk becomes two times more.

Aging and hereditary problems can increase this risk further. Therefore, it would be wise of you to keep monitoring your blood pressure regularly at home instead of the physician’s office. It helps you accurately evaluate your risk, which is why investing in a cuff meter is worth every penny.